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Today I have had a sort of epiphany.. through everything that goes on in life, I think we lose sight of what we know. I have always wondered where my future would take me, & the great things that are in store. I think the trials and tribulations that one journeys through on the way to the unknown are what molds us in to the beings that we are. But, what truly sets us apart is our creative energy, our passions that lie deep within our souls. Today I re-realized that photography is my thing. I know in my heart that it's the one thing that I am truly good at. It makes me feel like the world is enough. Knowing that I can capture it all through the lens on my camera, the highs and lows, the beauty of a sunrise, it all just makes sense. Happiness lies in our creativity.

I have chosen to share some photos from a shoot that I did this summer. After looking back, I think these are some of my favorite photos I have ever taken. They show who I am as a photographer, and I think maybe even who I am inside as well! It is very fitting that we themed the shoot "Wild Heart's."

Summer's Harvest: The View's Top 5!

Sunday, May 22, 2011 | |

Hello all! I have spent many years learning the best gardening tips I could ask for from my own grandpa (paw paw). He has always been the wise voice in my head when it comes to planting, and harvesting the summers bounty. Click the photo to blow it up!

I have decided to have a new feature every month... the best or worst, or whatever I am in to at the given time! The View from the Top 5, will be posted once a month and I am excited to see where this goes! I am always following new trends, may it be in electronics, fashion, or this month, in fresh veggies! I hope you enjoy this new feature! Cheers!

p.s. Feel free to print the guide! I enjoyed making it and it prints beautifully!

Windows of opportunity

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The past few months have been some of the most trying times of my life thus far. A roller coaster packed with twists and turns, but no doubt a learning experience. You see, I have a confession... In the past 5 months I have learned tons about the business world, put together a business plan to make one of my biggest dreams a reality, and unfortunately after months of tedious decision making and waiting, been denied the funds to put the plan in action. I knew from the beginning that nothing would be handed to me, I would have to work for this and if it worked out, then that was where I was supposed to be.. and fate would work out the rest. Well, it didn't, but all is not lost. This is what life is about right? Trials and tribulations, the struggle to get to the top? I have learned so much in the past year, about life, my goals, and my own personal issues. I couldn't even begin to tell you half of the amazing things I have seen, and experiences I have had. Next week, I will be making my move back to Florida. The absolute last thing I want to do, but the best option for my future goals to play out in a timely manner! The way I see it in a few semesters I will hold a degree in Business Administration, that no one can take away from me, and I can be right back here in the beautiful mountains. In the mean time I plan to take my blogging to the next level! I have so many experiences in my everyday routine that I never share. Hopefully this blog can continue to show the things that inspire me, so that maybe, someone else can be inspired too. For the people who follow this blog, I thank you. I ask you to bare with me in the next few weeks as I adjust to moving and finding my way. I am planning to give the blog a facelift and hopefully I will be launching my new website as well.
Cheers to the future!
“Life's up and downs provide windows of opportunity to determine your values and goals - Think of using all the obstacles as stepping stones to build the life you want”.

Work Spaces

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Just thought I'd show everyone my completed work space! It's sure to change in time and when I switch rooms soon but for now, it's perfect. I have been reading up and gaining inspiration from my new book, Pottery Barn: Work Spaces! I'm trying to keep it this organized all the time, we shall see! Enjoy!

Tour de Hendersonville!

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I just realized that in the 8 months i have lived here I have not given you a formal tour of my little town! Here are a few photos I took on my break Sunday! It was a beautiful weekend here.. I think it reached a sunny 60 degrees (which we all freaked out about)! This weekend it supposed to reach 70 and i'm sure to break out the shorts and flip flops! Without further adieu, Here is a photo tour of my new home!

View of Main Street looking South

McFarlan Bake Shop
A Hendersonville tradition and home of the best cookies & cake ever!

A view of the Flight Wood Grille building
Hendersonville upscale dining

Dancing Bear Toys
A Hendersonville tradition & where I spend most of my days!

And now you know why I moved here! I know, it seems a bit small from the big city, but it's just perfect for me!
I'm off 2 days in a row this weekend and though I have never been busier, I think I will try to enjoy some culinary find! No worries though, I will of course share my find with you, and your taste buds will no doubt be jealous!! Enjoy your day!

View From the Top..Blogger Reload!!

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Good Morning! today is Sunday.. A great day to reload! Over the past few months I have been going through the biggest changes that I could have imagined. I have made some grown up decisions about where to go with my career and life, and also figured out how determined I am. I have been extremely busy with work and school, and the other things that creep in and make life stressful! I would like to think that living here on the mountain would make everyday life an escape from reality and stress, but it hasn't. Things have happened that have made me want to crawl home to Jacksonville, to safety, as quick as possible. But life is not about safety, life is about taking chances, and learning. I have learned to live life here in this new place, in a great way. I work at a charming family toy store, by far the most amazing job I have ever had (as you could imagine)! I live in my parents beautiful mountain home, and have them with me on this new journey of mine. I think I have it pretty easy! Today is a new beginning for many things. I plan to blog from now on, as often as I can. I have to admit, all this excitement is too good to keep to myself! I hope you enjoy the new mess free layout, and will continue to follow me on my journey to find the view from the top!

Whatever happens, happens.

Friday, October 15, 2010 | |

As some of you might know, Greys Anatomy is by far the best thing that has ever happened to television!!! Well, at least one of the greatest things! While watching, Patrick Dempsey said a line that really resonates with the way things are going for me. "Let's just live, whatever happens, happens". After the stress and worry of a job search, I quit trying so hard, and things just started falling into place. Today, I got a great call for a quick informal interview at a charming little toy store in town, and it turned into a great opportunity, and I am now employed! It seems like that is what usually happens... when the worry calms down, things fall right in place! Im so excited to start, just in time for the holiday rush! In other news, the leaves are changing here in beautiful Hendersonville and it's getting rather chilly! It's amazing being in a new (colder) place for the winter season. It's festive and very comfortable! A few weeks ago I shot one of my oldest friends engagement pictures and have just finished the editing process. (I shot about 400 too many!) So worth the work though, because I have these to show for it!

I would like to wish one of my best friends a very
So sad I can't be in Jax, but we will make up for it soon!

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