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Today I have had a sort of epiphany.. through everything that goes on in life, I think we lose sight of what we know. I have always wondered where my future would take me, & the great things that are in store. I think the trials and tribulations that one journeys through on the way to the unknown are what molds us in to the beings that we are. But, what truly sets us apart is our creative energy, our passions that lie deep within our souls. Today I re-realized that photography is my thing. I know in my heart that it's the one thing that I am truly good at. It makes me feel like the world is enough. Knowing that I can capture it all through the lens on my camera, the highs and lows, the beauty of a sunrise, it all just makes sense. Happiness lies in our creativity.

I have chosen to share some photos from a shoot that I did this summer. After looking back, I think these are some of my favorite photos I have ever taken. They show who I am as a photographer, and I think maybe even who I am inside as well! It is very fitting that we themed the shoot "Wild Heart's."


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This post is so awesome. I'm so proud of you for deciding to follow your dreams...it is so inspiring! Love you!


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